It brought individual PM stories to life with context and depth that is difficult to get to in a typical coffee chat. It highlights the many paths to this multi-dimensional role and provides an overview of what it takes to be successful.
Melanie Levitin
Aspiring Product Manager, book beta reader

What will you learn?

How to Product aims to simulate the experience of sitting across Product Managers to learn about the variety of challenges they faced and the crucial steps they took that led to their current roles. It draws out important themes from the interviews and presents similar ideas to those looking to transition into a product role.


How to best prepare for the job search ahead

Using your strengths to form a strategy to help overcome challenges while looking for product opportunities.


The five paths to get into product found across 40 interviews

Breaking down how to get into Product by sharing three detailed stories for each individual's path described.


How Product Managers fit into tech companies

Understanding the common traits found in all Product Managers and the different ways they exist in tech companies.


The typical journey into product management

Research insights that share typical activities, emotions and observations of those trying to get into Product.

How to Product chapter breakdown

Short description about each chapter. Have any questions?


Insights on the consideration, decision and preparation of those who are working through the challenges of getting a product management job in tech.

Part 1 - A crash course in Product

Reintroducing the title of a Product Manager by breaking it down into the critical components that define the role. Describing the Why, What, How, When of product management and how it applies in the technology industry.

Part 2 - The different paths to Product

The book talks about five ways to become a Product Manager and shares 15 from present-day PMs on their entire journey into Product; Build your own start-up, venture or business 
Join a start-up, the smaller the better
Leverage your domain knowledge
Join a company with the intention to transition
Transition internally within your current company

Part 3 - Product Skill Sets

This chapter highlights essential skills Product Managers use to solve problems and shares ten additional stories on how individuals were able to use an important skill they had to get them into Product.

Next steps

Showcasing the different ways individuals learnt about product management, acquired the skills necessary to succeed in the role and how they approached job searching to get into their first product role.

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Featuring stories from 25 Product Managers

Robleh Jama
Senior Product Lead
Belinda Alzner
Product Lead
theScore Bet
David Reyes
UX Engineer
Stacey Feero
Senior Product Manager
Loblaw Digital
Deepika Gauba
Senior Product Manager
Kyle Lubieniecki
Senior Product Manager
Jyoti (Jaishiri) Motwani
Product Manager
Elyse Clement
Director of Product Management
Rakuten Kobo Inc.
Hirsch Keshav
AI Product Leader
and Consultant
Lindsay Rothman
Senior Product Lead
Darlene Sagolili
Product Manager
Anthony Poon
Product Manager
NexJ Health Inc.
Tevis Shkodra
Product Manager
Jackie DeJesse
Product Manager
Sorren Isler
Group Product Manager
Jenny Wood
Product Manager
Eric Morelli
Product Manager
Morgan McCunn
Senior Product Manager
Mostafa Elhefnawy
Senior Product Manager
Andrea Simmons
Senior Product Manager
Alex Luu
Product Manager
Magda Vašínková
Product Manager
Ada Support Inc.
Mark Rabo
Director of Product Management
Quadri Oshibotu
Product Manager
Mann Hing Khor
Product Manager
“A go-to resource for those looking to get into product management”
LaJay Norvell
Product Manager
Book author

Sefunmi Osinaike

I'm a Nigerian living in Canada, and I love to use technology to solve human problems. I graduated from the University of Waterloo as an electrical engineer, and I'm currently a Product Manager at Copper. I found it challenging to break into product, and it turns out other people do too, which is why I created this resource to help others who want to become Product Managers. If you find this book to be helpful or want specific advice, feel free to reach out to chat. I'd be happy to help where I can.


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